So why am I here?

Blogs are everywhere these days, right?  So why add another one when so many other people are wiser and more eloquent than I am?  Well, to be honest, this blog feels a lot more for me than it is for you.

As we all do, I have a lot of experiences and thoughts piled up in my heart.  I am using this blog as a way to express those things, to process through them, to learn from them, and to let them go.  I love to write and share, and I hope I’ll be able to express things in a way that will allow you to learn and/or be encouraged.

Thanks so much for checking out my blog and allowing me to be vulnerable with you.  Thanks for listening as I write about grief, knitting, anxiety, Ferguson and some of my favorite podcasts!

Life is tricky and hard, but I am really excited about this journey of writing, sharing, and becoming healthier!



2 thoughts on “So why am I here?

  1. Courtney!! I’m so excited for you and for this blog journey of yours! I hope it brings light and joy into your life! I know God will use you through this!

    Love you!


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