Grocery Store Growth

When I do things like spend time in prayer, go to church or listen to a sermon podcast, I go into it expecting to learn something new from God, but I especially love to learn in the everyday details, when I’m not expecting it at all.

I spent a good chunk of a Saturday a few weekends ago on Pinterest researching proper care of succulents, plants you can grow in an apartment, and food that you can re-grow from scraps. I’ve never been a person who grew a lot of plants (you know, none), but I decided that I should be a person who has fresh herbs growing in my home. I really have never had a need for fresh basil, mint, parsley or cilantro, but those cute little plants caught my eye in the produce department and made their way right into my shopping cart.
I’m assuming the grocery store is not the most ideal place to buy a plant, as they were nearly dead when I brought them home from the store. For the first week or so of their post-grocery store life, they remained in their original containers and were placed onto a TV tray – just close enough to the sliding glass door to get some sunlight, but just far enough from any furniture that made it impossible for Ferguson to help himself to a snack.

I finally got some small clay pots and a big bag of potting soil and set all my plants on the kitchen floor in order to give them all new homes. I was a little discouraged when I finally got the chance to really examine my plants and see how frail and wilted they had become.
My mint plant was in an especially sad situation. Most of the leaves (the few remaining on the plant) were brown and dried out, the roots were withered, and the dirt was dried out and in a big clump. I’m sure any of you who are experienced with planting are not surprised at my situation – clearly with the lack of watering, their old plastic container, and the lack of sunlight they had experienced at the store, they were not receiving the proper treatment that they should. The mint plant took a little extra care while re-planting, as I had to remove all of the dead leaves on it as well. I carefully went over the plant removing all of the dead parts, wondering how much of the plant (which now just looked like a branch) was actually still alive.

I put potting soil into the pot, dug out a whole in the center for the roots, covered them with soil, and watered the plant before returning it to it’s place by the window. Since removing the old, dead pieces and giving the little plant all the things it was needing – fresh soil, water, and sunlight, it has completely changed. It has new shoots coming off of it that are bright and green with healthy leaves, and it keeps getting taller and taller.
This experience made me think about my own life, the ‘dead pieces’ and the growth that I desire to see. Over the past few weeks it has lead me to acknowledge things in my life that are adding to that ‘grocery store atmosphere’, and being intentional about the things that are the ‘water’ and the ‘sunshine’ to me.  I challenge you to think intentionally about the ‘water’ and ‘sunshine’ in your life and continue to seek it out!

What helps you grow?


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